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Didactic equipment

Production of educational teaching aids especially for physics, optics and technology is one of the main export activities of our company - www.forschool.eu. On the domestic market, we offer complete didactic equipment for physics, chemistry, biology and math - www.skola.sk. We offer also distribution of Systems for Technical Vocational Training (TVET), Engineering Education and Research (Technical Universities / Colleges) - www.gunt.sk.

Our offer also includes a special projectors for schools www.projektory.sk, interactive whiteboards www.mimio.sk and other equipment, such as voting systems, educational software and much more.

For educational institutions we also offer school desks, laboratory furniture, furnishing of halls and lecture rooms, custom furniture www.skola.sk/nabytok and educational boards www.tabule.sk.

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www.forschool.eu – production of didactic equipment for physics and technology
www.skola.sk – distribution of didactic equipment, educational software, teaching aids
www.gunt.sk – distribution of educational devices for technical schools
www.projektory.sk – projection technology
www.mimio.sk – interactive whiteboards
www.tabule.sk – educational and training boards
www.skola.sk/nabytok - school and lab furniture
www.laboratornatechnika.sk – laboratory equipment, devices, supplies

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