Kvantarium on Hrebienok, Vysoké Tatry

What has been said for a long time as a courageous idea, this winter has become a reality. We opened our first dream operation with the theme “museum of light“ with the official name KVANTARIUM.

Kvantarium is an entertainment and educational center for children and adults as well, where besides the presentation of visually interesting and nice showpieces, we will explain to visitors how and why the given phenomena arise. The whole show is in a fairy-tale spirit and therefore it is an excellent  experience for children and adults too. We present science and physics in a fun way, and more specifically light topics. The Kvantarium consists of eight rooms, where visitors will see among other things the Phantom of the Opera laser show, video mapping the Wizarding House, they can also try out drawing with the light and with our guides they will unravel omnifarious physical mysteries.

You can find us on the website, on the facebook and instagram as Kvantarium.