New Year’s celebrations are always spectacular and unique in the world’s capitals. While they did not take place in several European countries due to the pandemic situation, the opposite was true in Belgrade, Serbia. Kula Tower is currently an unfinished modern high-rise building, located on the banks of the Sava River in the most modern part of the Belgrade Waterfront. With its height of 168 meters and 42 floors, it tends to become the tallest building in the region.
We accepted a challenging challenge, took part in an international competition, won it and had to prove that we could do it. In cooperation with the renowned Serbian partner SkyMusic Production and the top American company Fireworks by Grucci, we realized a stunning and breathtaking multimedia show with a dominant fireworks display.

The show itself was controlled by a time code with which all its elements were synchronized, whether our or partner – laser projectors, light heads on consoles, light heads on balconies, video content on the facade, fireworks from various places in the building, fireworks from the waterfront and music folder. The course of the entire multimedia show was broadcast live by several Serbian TV channels and was also screened on three stages in the city. When the show ended, the media facade and light heads remained in operation on the building, whose eye-catching and distinctive rays penetrated the fog until late into the night and highlighted the current landmark of Belgrade from a great distance.