We at Kvant Lasers were excited to showcase our latest advancements in laser technology at the highly anticipated Prolight and Sound exhibition held in Frankfurt. This event marked our triumphant return to the industry’s largest exhibition after a year’s hiatus. Our booth garnered considerable attention as attendees eagerly awaited the unveiling of new products and an unparalleled laser show.

First on the agenda was the introduction of the Clubmax 24 and 40 W laser projectors. These small-format but robust laser projectors deliver exceptionally high power, making them ideal for large-scale indoor and outdoor shows at concerts, festivals and tours. Remarkably, these models are factory fitted with motorised dichroic filters that allow for quick and seamless laser beam adjustment. This feature ensures the delivery of world-class laser shows with unrivalled efficiency and effectiveness.

Next, we shifted our focus to the Epic 100 W laser projector, another impressive addition to our product line. Designed specifically for harsh outdoor environments, the Epic 100W boasts a standard IP65 rating, making it completely waterproof and dustproof. With a full-color output of up to 270 watts, the Epic 100W is capable of producing stunning atmospheric, abstract and basic graphic effects. In addition, Epic models come standard with motorized dichroic filters that simplify the color alignment process and provide our customers with unparalleled convenience. But that’s not all! Thanks to the latest developments in technology in laser diodes, we have significantly increased the performance of many of our lasers, all without increasing prices! It’s truly remarkable. Some models have undergone such significant improvements that we’ve even had to modify their product names to reflect their expanded capabilities.

We were delighted with the positive reception and enthusiasm surrounding our latest developments. Professionals and trade show attendees were captivated by the power and versatility of our laser products.