We are pleased to bring you news of our recent participation in the ILDA Conference 2023. This year, we decided not to miss this prestigious event that continues to inspire us and allows us to showcase our talents to the world.

The ILDA conference this year took place in the United States of America, specifically in North Carolina, in the cozy community known as Atlantic Beach. It was once again an unforgettable experience that opened the door to new opportunities and ideas for us.

Our colleagues from show production won two awards, which pleased us immensely and confirmed our excellence in the field of laser art. The first award was for a project called “Biela noc 2022: Liiine“. This project came in third place in the “Fine Art Laser Display” category.

About this project:

The creators invited the audience to the historic building of the Faculty of Architecture and Design of STU, where they used lasers to create a stunning light installation, creating a play of lines of free space. The monumental architecture of the beams created an almost unique environment and drew visitors into the process of creation, flight and levitation. This installation was part of the art event Biela noc 2022.

The second award, and the very first place in the same “Fine Art Laser Display” category, was for a project called “Hika-Rakuyo”. This project featured reality-free shapes that were recognized by the continuous overlapping of straight lines of light that do not exist in nature. Flowers that exist in the air were reflected in the mist. Through art music, this installation featured two elements – Hika (scattering flowers) and Rakuyo (falling leaves) – that presented the audience with reminded the audience of the constant state of flux of life. The project was projected onto a body of water and was part of the Noor Festival in Riyadh.

We are proud of our colleagues and their achievements at ILDA Conference 2023. These awards are a testament to our dedication and passion for laser technology.