We have had a good business relationship with the German company PHYWE for a long time, which we have decided to take to a higher level by organizing a travelling event around individual universities in our country.

The sales representative of the German company honored us with his long-awaited visit at the end of November to officially launch our role as the exclusive distributor of PHYWE laboratory equipment for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The purpose of this Roadshow was to spread awareness across institutions about the possibilities of cooperation with us and with PHYWE. The tool for this was Vladimír’s presentation of the company, its goals and the subsequent discussion on the topics of financial possibilities of universities and bureaucratic woes accompanying each contracts of a similar nature.
The first stop was the Higher Technical Brno, where as KVANT Brno we visited the Institute of of Physical Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies. In the premises of laboratories, where with PHYWE equipment they already have experience, we presented our vision and possibilities, we have at our disposal.

Then we moved to Slovakia, where we gradually presented PHYWE at universities in Žilina, Trnava, Banská Bystrica, Trenčín, and finally we completed our pilgrimage in STU in Bratislava and in the premises of MATFYZ.

This event brought us several new contacts with potential for the future and valuable experience. It also showed us how important it is to have a similar way of communicating with schools, where we have the opportunity to have a discussion with the people directly working with the students and the equipment. In the near future we definitely want to do more events like this in the near future, either live or online.