Kvant Lasers, a leading supplier of laser technology, and Kvant Show Production, a world leader in show production and lighting design, are pleased to announce their participation at the SLS Expo in Saudi Arabia. The two companies have teamed up to help build an impressive stand that captured the attention of visitors and showcased the freshest innovations in lasers for the entertainment industry.

At the SLS Expo, held in Saudi Arabia, Kvant Lasers and Kvant Show Production presented their collaboration and jointly created a booth dominated by a 3D model of the Kingdom Centre in Riyadh. This mock-up served as a means of introducing visitors to the local culture and environment.

We are delighted to announce that our participation at the SLS Expo was extremely successful. Kvant Lasers and Kvant Show Production’s booth earned a lot of attention and recorded a high attendance. Our presentation of the latest innovations in the laser industry for the entertainment sector received great recognition and the interest in our products was beyond our expectations.

“The collaboration between Kvant Lasers and Kvant Show Production has enabled us to bring a unique experience to SLS Expo visitors,” said Kvant Lasers Managing Director. “This success confirms to us that we are on the right track and that our products have a unique position in the global market. Combined with hard work, we form a unique team that delivers the most spectacular shows.”

At the exhibition we had the opportunity to present a diverse portfolio of products, including laser innovations presented also at the Prolight and Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, or kinetic motors with glass RGB droplets or video projection.